The Reserve - your anti-bank
An incorruptible bank to serve & improve humanity

The Reserve is not a bank

We will not risk your money for our personal gain. We will not invest with profit as the main driver - regardless of consequences.

We will not obscure where your money goes. Rather, we provide the infrastructure for you to control your money. Risk free. We are owned by no-one, accountable to everyone. There are no shareholders. No old men in grey suits are getting rich from this. You set our salaries.  

We are not an ordinary company. We are not a charity. We are not a bank. We are something different. We fight for you, for our planet and for our future.

We're fighting a climate war

And we are unequipped. Current power structures are flawed by a narrow focus on profit (companies, banks), too local an approach (countries), or undercapitalisation/ineffectiveness (charities, NGOs).

None of these work effectively in the best interests of all citizens as a whole.

What is needed is a well capitalised, correctly incentivised, incorruptible entity, that can systematically redirect capital away from fossil fuels and into sustainable alternatives and solutions.

We need an anti-bank that beats banks at their own game. We need to leverage capitalism and exploit its strengths, while safeguarding against greed. This, is the foundation of The Reserve.

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