Our team of professionals have experience delivering end-to-end fundraising solutions, public events, professional advice and community management services across both the traditional investing space and this new world of token issuances. We have a uncompromising policy of working only with projects that implement best-practices, are committed to making their company a success - not only for them but for the community as well - and comply with all applicable rules and regulations.


We are your trusted advisers in sourcing projects that have potential. You can trust our judgement and rely on the fact that we will only put forward investment opportunities of the highest quality.  


We understand that your mission is to make a difference. Our mission is to get you the resources you need to execute. How we do this, depends on you. We have no one-size-fits-all process. Once we partner with you, you will not find a team that takes their responsibilities more seriously and execute more vigorously. Your concerns become our concerns, your goals become our goals.


To underline our commitment, 51% of our company is pledged to charity through Founders Pledge. We care deeply about the impact we have on the world, our community, and our partners.

Capital Raising

We personally introduce projects to crypto-focused investors and fund managers in the space. We work with teams to tailor pitches to the target audience and follow up with interested parties to help get the needed capital.

Public Investor Roadshow

We run small decentralised communities in over 20 cities around the world. We have over 4,000 investors, entrepreneurs and community members in our network, who congregate twice a month to debate and assess a particular token or project. What makes our community unique is the depth, intellect and commitment that our members bring to each meeting. This access to a crypto community - where the interaction is focused on intelligent analysis of the industry - can be a valuable way to promote project awareness.   

We are now opening up an exclusive opportunity for entrepreneurs to submit their own projects for consideration to these public events. We would introduce the project to our community and have the whitepaper read by our community members all across the world. This would kick-start interest in the project whilst also enabling the project to be debated by some of the industry’s leading thinkers.

Private Investor Roadshow

We partner with companies and run their private investor roadshows. We host exclusive invite-only events in select cities across Europe, giving projects maximum exposure to interested investors.

At these events, companies can showcase their project to crypto fund managers and big ticket investors within the space. These events allow projects to meet face-to-face with these influential investors, whilst being the only project raising in the room, helping secure the capital they need. We also assist projects with the preparation and follow-up with all attendees.

Investor Relations (Community Management +)

We have a team of investor relations specialists, who are experienced in managing crypto communities. We provide the highest standard of professionalism and ensure that the inherent risks in managing and communicating about a public company are mitigated. Every team is anchored by a lawyer, who will help with onboarding, preparation and ongoing management of the community management team. Our global team can provide support to your community 24/7, supplement your community team or simply help cover those night hours. We are here to help. And we are here to ensure that the correct message is communicated to the public.

The Reserve Syndicate

We have built our own legally compliant contribution pool, which acts as a vehicle for our large community to aggregate their resources and contribute to projects’ pre-sale. This not only benefits projects by enabling them to raise capital from our highly engaged community, but also gives our community early access to projects. By utilising The Reserve pool, companies don’t need to worry about AML/KYC processes - we have that covered.

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