The Reserve is an investment bank and professional services firm shaping and staking-in our decentralised future.

We support our clients in the following capacities:

  • Nominated Advisor - we take digital assets public.

  • Investment banking - we fundraise for digital assets.

  • Strategy consulting - we guide our clients in DLT and digital assets.

  • Treasury services - we structure and protect treasury operations.

  • Due diligence & valuations - performed on digital assets & companies.

  • Insights - reports, analysis and weekly commentary on DLT.

  • DLT Lab - we run the UK-Government backed London DLT Lab.

  • Funds - through our DLT Lab, Trust Fund One and Impact Fund.

We are governed by ethics, an ethos of doing right, a mandate to make a positive impact and an institution 51% pledged to the world.