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// Can you blame the crypto-anarchists?

South Korean officials have been found guilty of insider trading - buying or selling on the basis of the privileged information they have access to as public servants.

Beyond the question of how deep this runs - different ministries have been giving conflicting statements, often in direct contradiction to each other - it points to a much bigger underlying issue.

There is a (non-trivial) subsection of the crypto community, some of which fall under the ‘crypto-anarchist’ category - that wants to totally remove government not only from money, but from all aspects of life. And you wonder why?

As governments try to shut down crypto as ‘corrupt’, they wilfully abuse their position of power for their own profit. Can you blame the crypto-anarchists? The events give serious ammunition to the already activist pro-crypto forces inside South Korea - a territory the crypto world must watch closely for … of how the future will unfold. That’s because it is estimated 1 in 3 South Koreans hold cryptocurrency, as they have the deepest penetration, with 1 in 3 individuals holding cryptocurrency.



Public officials of South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service have been reported for trading on insider knowledge of regulations. They sold significant holdings just before government announcements of a potential complete shutdown.




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  • Adbank raised $12m for an online ad platform built on Ethereum.


  • Skara - February 8, 2018 - A multi-award winning game with a token at its heart.

  • Blitzpredict - January 22, 2018 - Decentralised sportsbook and prediction market aggregator.

  • Dimensions Network - January 24, 2018 - Cryptocurrency trading platform.



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