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With the lack of clarity from several governments, companies are busy regulating themselves. The accusations laid of the ‘Wild West’ nature of the current blockchain environment miss the point that the vast majority of actors are good, want to do the right thing and will work with - not against - regulators. Most have not used Silk Road. Most do not want to break the law.

Not only does a lack of clear regulation leave innovators creating their own, it throttles the flow of capital investment into the sector. Without clarity, the risk for retrospective action on decisions taken by companies will remain high. And that will stop investors.  

Clear regulation will provide the stamp of approval the sector needs to see it flourish - and open the floodgates to capital. Regulation is not bad. Classification as securities - in the majority of situations - is expected. Moves to protect consumers - welcomed.

Believe it’s all a bubble? Regulation will not make it burst - it should only fuel the fire.


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Bitcoin roadmap wars continue ahead of the 25th October hard fork


Coinbase now under investigation by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for the flash crash that saw Ether fall from >$300 to 10 cents in milliseconds. A reminder of the potential for retrospective action from regulatory bodies across the world.


  • Goldman Sachs’ Blankfein tweets favourably on bitcoin, whilst plans are apparently being made for Goldman Sachs’ own cryptocurrency trading operation.

  • Dubai’s government will develop its owns cryptocurrency that will enable citizens to pay for government and non-government services


  • Korea faces community fightback on proposed ‘total’ ban of ICOs

  • India’s regulatory framework for cryptocurrency is finished and expected imminently

  • Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore provides clarity on regulation around currencies and fundraising.

  • The Malta Gaming Authority is looking to test the introduction of cryptocurrency in to the economy in a sandbox.

  • Head of the French regulator AMF, Robert Ophele, states ICO regulation will come quickly, adding to comments by the AMF’s head of Fintech, on the complexities of regulating very diverse digital assets.

  • Austria makes an attempt at providing clarity on the income and value-added tax implications of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.


Last week highlights:

  • Centra raised $17m for a wallet and card that allows you to spend your blockchain assets.

  • Monetha raised $37m for it’s cheaper, faster payment solution and trust system

  • Real raised $11m for an investment platform into real estate


  • Rocket ICO - October 10th- Decentralized accelerator platform for startups

  • FinTab - October 12th - An accounting system for cryptocurrency portfolios

  • Papyrus - October 12th - A decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising


The conversation that created Ethereum published (head to the bottom for excerpt). One Direction backs the Mingo ICO. As Steem - the blockchain-based content reward platform - continues to grow from strength to strength, see Wired’s previous coverage on the potential for revolution. Decentralising and rewarding power generation.


The Blockchain academy- Munich, DE- October 9-10

Blockchain Business conference - Vizag, India- October 9-10

Block-Con 2017- Santa Monica, U.S.A- October 10-11, 2017

ICO event London- London, UK- October 11, 2017

Capital Enterprise's annual tech conference- London, UK- October 12, 2017

TRUST Megatrends: A Blockchain Masterclass- London, UK- October 12, 2017

Healthcare: Unblocked- London, UK- October 13, 2017

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