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The Accounting Blockchain Coalition had their monthly call this week - you should be aware of, filing, and paying your taxes. Which might be harder than we all think.

Coinbase is in ongoing litigation with the IRS to hand over client identities and transactions - and the general consensus from the experts is that Coinbase has no chance of winning.

What transactions will be of interest? The IRS currently considers the exchange of cryptocurrency into fiat, or of any cryptocurrency into another cryptocurrency a chargeable, taxable event. This includes purchasing products or services with cryptocurrency. And it also looks as if airdrops and hard forks are taxable… we just aren’t sure how, yet.

That means there could be thousands of individuals declaring taxes, that aren’t - because they aren’t even aware they should be.

Cryptocurrency does not operate outside the rules and governance that we live within. As the adoption of blockchains spreads, governments will fight to remove the privacy inherent in some of these systems - as the IRS put, a cryptocurrency holder has no additional right to privacy over any other taxpayer. This is just the beginning of the IRS’ journey into blockchain.

You should act as if, and expect, all transactions to be monitored by tax authorities, and for the transactions to be traceable back to you as an individual. At least perhaps until there are more certain methods for maintaining privacy whilst being able to transact ‘normally’ - but the pursuit of such a system for the benefit of tax evasion is no vision The Reserve supports.


NB - this does not constitute advice and you should seek an expert if required. On with the week:


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Red Pulse ran the first ICO on the NEO blockchain this week. The ICO was delayed 2 minutes at very short notice - meaning thousands of contributors sent funds too early. The NEO contributed didn’t bounce - they were still received by Red Pulse - but were left in limbo without Red Pulse tokens being issued in exchange.

Meanwhile, as you can see above, NEO has tanked 23% this week due to these problems, leaving thousands of contributors not just frustrated at missing out - but financially poorer due to a botched process.




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  • Blackmoon Crypto raised $30m for a tokenized investment fund platform

  • Cindicator raised $18m for an intelligent asset management platform


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