The reserve ventures

Our mission is to be the most respected and sought after ally for management teams building the future of money, governance and data.

We are specialists in early-stage venture capital, with a focus on the Web3 space, leveraging distributed ledger technology to create more resilient systems, achieve greater efficiencies through disintermediation, and ultimately to build a whole new internet built on the principles of decentralisation and autonomy over personal data and assets.

We invest in and structure early-stage venture deals, providing deep strategic counsel to the projects we back.

We become the most value-add investor on any cap table.

We also leverage our network to fundraise for our portfolio companies and have the regulatory permissions (via the FCA appointed representative regime) to manage and arrange deals in the UK and Europe.

We are the sounding board to CEOs and management teams; their trusted adviser who will say and push for the right course of action, regardless of how challenging that course of action may be.